The hogs we offer are sold by the half, or whole. We sell our Large Black /Berkshire crosses for $5.25 a pound hanging weight which includes slaughter, cut/wrap, and includes all bacons, hams and sausages. Usually averaging 75 pounds of meat at about a 400 dollar cost to you, this is a great value. We start these hogs on all organic Non-GMO whole grains and veggie scraps in the hands down most environmentally and animal friendly habitat for pigs on the planet, a Korean Natural farming style piggery with option to graze


     The Large Black is just that, a large, black hog. They are a traditional breed with origins starting somewhere in the 16th or 17th century when Chinese pigs, off trade ships, mated with the Old English pig and later on bred to the British Large White. Maturing slowly, they are appreciated for their succulent meat on a woodland or pasture diet, and are capable of gaining 50% of their nutrition from grazing alone. Large Blacks are known for their great mothering, and the sow to our piglets is a pasture fed beauty, raised by our friend Heather Flanagan down in Salem.


   The sire to our piglets is another registered traditional breed, only this time a Berkshire. Berkshire hogs date back to 17th century England. A small breed of Chinese, Siamese, Neapolitan, and English bloodlines. Very popular in Japan, Berkshire hogs are known as the premium “black pork”.